30 January, 2013

On the Table :: Winners and Pumpkin Butterflies

 You can tell there’s a blogger in the family when nobody bats an eyelid at her climbing up onto the table to take a photo of a pumpkin she’s grown (and cucumbers, let’s not forget the cucumbers).

I didn’t think I would ever say this, but, I am actually sick of the delicious Lebanese cucumbers multiplying on the vines as I write. When they were first growing I was all “Look at the cucumbers I’ve grown! Taste the cucumbers I’ve grown! Aren’t they the best cucumbers you have ever tasted? I grew these!”

Now, I get a dreadful – “Noooo, not another cucumber” - feeling when I go out to inspect the veggie patch. That’s not good. That’s the sign of a summer overdosed on cucumbers. I’m still proud of them and I happily give them away, but eating another cucumber myself makes me feel slightly nauseas. This has never happened before. (And no, quite emphatically no, this not a vague blog post alluding to a pregnancy food-craving/aversion.) It must be the sign of something else, something I never thought I would experience in my tiny patch – a glut. A glut! How exciting! (Except for the bit where I don’t want to eat the glut.)

I need to either; give away more cucumbers, find a way of sneaking them into meals so my kids to eat more of them or find a recipe for preserving them… some kind of pickle? Is that what you do with excess cucumbers – pickle them? Is that what pickles actually are? Clueless.

Also – ditto with pumpkins. There are only so many pumpkins you can eat before you go: “Do not feed me anything with pumpkin in it ever again. Ever.”

At least with pumpkins I can store them and we can keep them for later. Or… I can deviously disguise them in the shape of butterflies, bees and dragonflies and send them packing off in the school lunchbox which is what I did for  today for Melli's first day back at school. 

Ta-da! I made pumpkin scones* in the shape of insects… as you do. The little ones think they are the best fun, they taste great and they have pumpkin in it which both the little Ms have now declared they don’t like anymore, of course.

This is the first time I’ve used silicone bakeware as it was a gift to Melli for her birthday. Have you tried cooking with silicone before? I’m thinking it’s genius because you can bake things in the shape of butterflies and the muffins don’t stick etc… but is it safe to use? What are your thoughts? I found this article interesting, but left me undecided.

Anyway, there you have it -  Megan’s School Lunchbox Secret: Make it in the shape of an insect and they will eat it.

What are you putting in your kids’ lunchboxes? Do share some ideas because I am going to have to come up with something more than bee-shaped pumpkin scones to keep my kids interested in their lunch this year.


Using the good ol’ random number generator, the two winners of the Byron Farmers Market Recipe Collection cookbooks are…

#6. KateJanuary 23, 2013 at 1:00 PM
Just tweeted. xx

#13 dear oliveJanuary 23, 2013 at 4:29 PM
Shane's cooking a curry as I type! Kellie xx

Congratulations Kate and Kellie! Shoot me an email with your postal address – thebyronlife@live.com.au – and I’ll organise for your recipe books to be posted out. You're going to love these little cook-mook/books :)

Thank you Remy from Sample magazine for providing the recipe books and a huge thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway. I loved reading about what everyone was cooking, you are such a talented bunch and it is so lovely to see some new "faces" at The Byron Life. Welcome!


* I used Flo Bjelke-Petersens’ famous pumpkin scone recipe which I found here, but I halved the sugar after we tasted the first batch and it was way too sweet. 


  1. Rhonda at Down to Earth blog has a recipe for bread and butter cucumbers that is delicious and there are recipes on the internet for cucumber relish. If you have trouble finding one I have a great recipe from an old CWA cookbook I can share with you. They do make great pickles etc.
    Andrea Saunders

    1. Great, thank you Andrea!
      I'll look up Rhonda's book (I have)and/or blog and find the recipe and if not I'll let you know.
      Very kind offer, xx

  2. 1. Pickled cucumbers!!!!!
    2. No to the silicone bakewear.
    I haven't researched it but baking the plastic just seems wrong to me.
    3. YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! That's me!! So excited now.
    Thanks Megan and Sample. xxx

  3. I dont use silicone bakeware, but I still use aluminium log cake tins...? Go figure...?...I think maybe using them for jelly molds where the plastic isnt heated?
    As for the glut, yes....give them away, so far we have gifted more tomatoes that we have actually eaten...or make pickles....to gift, if you dont eat them! And pumpkins will keep for a long time, for the days when you might feel like pumpkin soup....you could always puree it ready for soup and freeze it? or gift them, I would just love to be gifted a pumpkin....but then I am a vegie nerd............. :)

  4. Rhonda and Taste both have great recipes. Make lots of little jars to give away too!