17 December, 2012

our days




Keeping things simple right now. Ignoring the commercial hype of the "silly" season and enjoying staying close to home.
Alex is on holidays (yay!), school is but days from finishing and summer has arrived.
One birthday party down, another to go and the tree is up for celebrating in between.
Feasting from our garden and breathing a sigh of relief that 2012 is drawing to a close.
Thank you all for sticking by the blog (and me) this year.


  1. Merry Christmas Megan. I hope it's a peaceful and cheerful one. Your garden and produce are looking fantastic!

  2. Now that's some quality face painting. . . it's an artwork!

    Enviously looking at your summer veggie crop. I was a bit late getting mine in this year. we're nowhere near harvesting!

    rachel xo