30 November, 2012

Backyard attitude

“There is something about putting your hands into the dirt that restores the human spirit. It brings you down to earth, it energises you and reminds you that we’re all part of the natural world. Self-reliance and sustainability is more than vegetable gardening and keeping chickens. It’s an attitude to life, which often gives the grower a sense of empowerment and independence. It teaches life lessons on seasonality, living locally, developing community, renewal, making do, productivity and abundance”  ~ Down to Earth, a guide to simple living by Rhonda Hetzel.

I have been dipping into Rhonda’s book again. The Sustainable Backyard chapter is where it’s at for me right now and I wanted to share that introductory paragraph with you because it so beautifully sums up what I love about Rhonda’s approach to this thing called “simple living”, or “self-reliance”, or “sustainability”… or whatever name you choose to give it. Rhonda's approach is that there is no hard and fast rule book on how to go about it. Plenty of advice, people and books to learn from, for sure, but ultimately it’s a journey on which you decide the pace and direction. It is, as she writes, an attitude to life.
This spring I am seeing so many things coming together in my little garden and it makes me happy. It's that simple: My garden makes me happy.  The hard work I have put into it in past seasons is starting to come to fruition and the reading, learning, courses and workshops I’ve taken have given me new skills that I am applying to my small patch with good results.

Above all, as Rhonda puts it,  it is restoring the spirit.
Have a good weekend all. If you're looking for me, I'll be in the garden!


  1. my journey to a sustainable life and yard has been slow and tedious. i know where i want to be and am slowly working out how to get there. it is a journey that has been trying and so very rewarding. your photos (as always) are beautiful. happy december lovely. x ashley

  2. Rhonda is such a gem isn't she? She never fails to inspire me. I'm hoping this heat wave won't affect my plants too much. Now that we have a full water tank I am keeping the water up to them and keeping my fingers crossed! Hope you enjoy your days of gardening! :)