07 November, 2012

a play garden

Hello, I wanted to show you the little play-garden I set up for the little girls last weekend.

You know how I’ve been working on getting the veggie patch started? Well, that’s coming along nicely and the girls have been watching me do all of this gardening and are following me around wanting to join in. Which is cool, I like it when they want to do the same thing as me and I like that they are loving gardening… But, Maddi doesn’t quite get the whole gardening thing yet. She understands that there is all this delicious looking dirt that I am playing with and she wants to play with it too, in her own special way -which may or may not have anything to do with how to actually grow a plant.
I showed her how to carry the little basil seedlings to the garden (she loved doing that, it made her feel important) and make a hole and plant them, then we watered together… but then she wanted to do more and started digging around the plants already in the ground and moving things around! I don’t want to get cross at her for basically being interested and trying to help, but I don’t want to lose my seedlings either…
So, I decided to set the littles up with their own special garden. I used the red box our builder friend D. made for his girls when they were little (he gave it to us when they moved house last year), and then filled it with sand from the sandpit; some of that potting mix Maddi is so keen to get stuck into and a few little plants I picked up at the nursery. I chose plants that I thought they would like – little pink flowers, and that pretty looking succulent. They loved them. The plants are pretty hardy, but if they get “over”loved, they’re easily replaced.

They’ve been playing in their new garden every day; watering and singing and adding flowers and sticks and feathers and toys, all the while leaving the little basil seedlings alone. Win Win!


Do you give your kids have their own garden space? As well as this mini-garden I’d like to set them up with a little patch in the ground to grow flowers, and maybe a bean-tipi for summer.   


Hope you are well.

p.s Thanks for the really kind words on the last post. I felt emotional when I wrote that, and it was reassuring to have such beautiful comments from you.



  1. I love this idea! What a beautiful way to gently manage the situation as well as give the kids their own space to find joy in. We don't have kids yet but when we were house sharing with a few others, including kids, I really wanted to make them a bean tipi. Didn't get there in the end but would love to see this idea come to fruition one day.

  2. The bean tipi is one I haven't tried yet either, Melania, but think we might give it a go this year.
    The mini garden was a quick-fix, and I think it has done the job :)
    They are still helping me in the veggie patch, but now Maddi doesn't need to take off with my plants because she has her own "red garden" (as she calls it!

  3. Love love love this idea. Brilliant.

    ... and isn't that red box just the bomb.