10 April, 2012

Autumn Garden :: Saving Seeds and Prepping for Winter

Sweet basil seed pods

The last of my cucumber and beans

A wet summer has left its mark on my straw bale veggie garden: The basil has grown tall and has flowered; a stray pumpkin vine that shot up from the compost is now fruiting while the Lebanese cucumber vines have withered in the heat and, I think, may have done their good deeds for the season. Same for the bush beans, I think they’re finished and that picture above is the last of them

My veggie garden is in a state of flux: some things are dying off and others are just hitting their stride. I like this about food growing – it’s always changing. Over the Easter break I have spent some time in my little patch assessing what needs to be cut back, or removed, and what needs to stay and be nurtured. I also am going to try my hand at saving some seeds – starting with the sweet basil. I’ve been reading up on seed saving in Rhonda’s Down to Earth book (how I love this book!). I'll also save some of the cucumber seeds.

My first-ever pumpkin! Just a baby...

I’ve also decided a new straw bale garden is needed to get me set up for winter crops. I don’t claim to be an expert on this method of gardening (or any method, for that matter) having only tried it for one season now, but in that time I’ve learned a few things that might be worth sharing, so I’ll have a rummage through my photos to put together a straw bale how-to from what I’ve learned.

It was glorious weather over Easter here in Byron Bay, but today the winds have turned chilly. Definitely a change of season is upon us. Are you getting a winter garden prepped? What are you planting?



  1. Oooh can't wait to read more about your adventures with hay bales... I am thinking of using that technique to make garden beds around the kids play equipment and could use some tips!

    I am a fair weather gardener, but I am slowly finding some joy in winter veggie gardening. I need to get some new garlic to plant, and some potatoes... and broccoli... always so many tempting things to plan!

    1. Oooh, potatoes and garlic are on my list too!
      The straw bales would be perfect for around kids areas - just the right height for kids :)