06 April, 2012

Around Town

Old Byron Bay town is full of visitors right now for the Easter holidays and The East Coast Blues and Roots Festival - and I enjoy the buzzing quality our town takes on during these times. (Don't love the traffic congestion so much, but that's par for the course during peak holiday times).
These mobile phone pix were snapped when my family and I headed out for dinner the other night, just as the sun was setting.
I plan on taking the "big" camera out with me during these school holidays so I can bring a few more "out and about" type posts to you. See how I go with that plan - three kids and weather permitting!
Hope you all have a lovely Easter, wherever you are.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful memory of Byron Bay which we visited five weeks ago. Had I known that Byron in your title alluded to the place perhaps we could have met. Did meet up with a couple of internet friends in Australia - what a wonderful experience.
    Helen in France