29 March, 2012

In Pictures :: The Secret Life of a Taxi Driver...

I am a mother to three, and that means I am chief taxi driver. The miles I clock up each week would make a truckie proud. Many other parents, and commuters, on the North Coast would share the same experience. It can be a pain at times when you factor in the travel time and fuel costs to get to and from an activity as well as the daily juggle of the often conflicting schedules of three kids and two adults.

But driving in this region has its joys, too.

My kids are used to me randomly pulling over by the side of the road, mid-road trip, sometimes into a paddock or down someone’s gravel driveway, to take a photo. The way storm clouds can be seen rolling in over the hinterland; a rainbow that fleetingly appears in the distance only to quickly dissolve; a tree-lined country road that dazzles me with its dappled-light beauty – these sights make driving a joy, a creative opportunity.

And, unless it is too dangerous to stop, or we are horrendously late as it is, I seize that opportunity and make like a tourist with my mobile phone. It’s amazing what beauty you can discover in the least expected moments.

You just need to notice them.

Have you noticed something beautiful while out and about today? Did you get a chance to photograph it?


P.S Lauren - Somehow I just lost your comment... please write again!

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  1. Lovely photos Megan...and i agree, we are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world...although sometimes i admit to cursing Bangalow Rd!!!