21 March, 2012

Going AWOL (otherwise known as mothering)

    adjective /ˈāˌwôl/ 

    1. Absent from one's post but without intent to desert
      • - the men have gone AWOL
      • - now the parrot has gone AWOL

source: Google dictionary

I have been a bit AWOL lately from regular blogging and writing. But, as the definition above says -  AWOL "without intent to desert".

Here is where I have been:

While AWOL from other jobs, I've remained on duty with the "mum stuff". Messy, repetitive, hilarious, time-consuming and important mum stuff. I figure the rest can wait...

How about you? Do you go AWOL some days?


(pictures from my instagram account - I'm over there as The Byron Life)


  1. Mostly. So long as washing of all sorts keeps being done and all the kids (who are actually all adults now) get a hug and some talking time I give myself permission to withdraw from too much pressure. Cherrie

  2. All. the. time.

    (I just have scheduled posts so nobody ever really notices...)

    That last photo is a dream. It almost looks like she's swinging under water. x

  3. The pictures show all the important stuff beautifully!

    rachel xo

  4. I think they are worthwhile AWOLing reasons!