04 March, 2012

Bimblebox Calling

Out of the hundreds of entries in the annual Byron Bay International Film Festival each year, there is always at least one film that really calls to me.

Last year it was This way of Life, a film that still resonates with me a year later - you can read my blog post on that film here.

This year the program stand-out to me is Bimblebox, a documentary by US filmmaker Mike O’Connell. 

From the film notes:

"Bimblebox is a peaceful 8000 hectare sanctuary in central-west Queensland. A remnant of semi-arid woodlands, it is home to a rich diversity of birds, reptiles and other animals, including endangered species. Back in 2000, the rapacious land clearing sanctioned by the Queensland government was off the Richter scale. The potential for Bimblebox to face this same fate motivated a group of concerned local individuals to petition for the area to become a Nature Reserve. Paola Cassoni was one of these people....

Tragically, holding the status of ‘Nature Refuge’ does not automatically protect an area from mineral exploration and mining. These activities supersede all other legislation, and are granted right of way over almost all land uses. Lying in the direct path of what will be one of the world’s largest coalmines, Bimblebox is under threat. 

"While very clearly exposing the destructiveness of this industry, the film also features solutions and viable alternatives for the future, and the stories from people whose communities and their natural values have been either totally undermined or are currently under threat from coal mining activities puts a ‘real face’ to this issue."

Bimblebox has its world premiere next Saturday March 10* during the 6th Byron Bay International Film Festival which kicked off this weekend. You can check out the program details here. There will surely be a film that calls to you, too...


* I know for certain it is next Saturday after nearly heading off to see the film yesterday! Lucky I double-checked the program first. Better to be a week early than a week late, right? ;) 


  1. It's so frightening, isn't it?

    I've had my thrifty ways maybe since I was little, and have really ramped them up since the merger/lay-off. There are so many little things you can do to save on utilities, and when lumped together they add up nicely. When others tell me they've had a salary reduction, or they're afraid a lay-off may be coming, I'll share a few of my energy saving tricks with them. Mostly, I just get strange looks from them and I know I'm wasting my breath - time to walk away. To know I'm not the lone oddball that thinks as I do, I visit the internet.

    With so little faith in governments, the work of making changes (or at least good changes), seems to need to fall on the individual, or rather somewhat massive groups of individuals. But even if massive sums of us were/are respectors of the earth and it's resources, conservatively using what we need and mindful of waste and mindful of those who come after us........ how do you fight this? How do you?

    brenda from ar

  2. Sorry to return so soon. Had to re-watch the video and.........

    If a company from China operating in Australia calls themselves ChinaFirst, does that imply that they see Australia as Second, or someplace further down the list?

    And if they scar the land, bring all their own labor, and build all the infrastructure, how is this helping Australians? How can this be called a partnership? Who negotiated this partnership and what did they receive? And again, how is it helping Australians?

    I'm sure there is more to this story than the little preview, but I'm finding it very disturbing. Don't think I find the US any less disturbing though.

    brenda from ar

  3. Hi Megan,

    Thankyou for your interest in Bimblebox. It has been a labour of love for our little team and we'd love to hear what you thought of it.


    Ellie Smith

    Associate Producer
    Bimblebox Documentary

  4. The coal and gas mining industry is something I am extremely concerned about. There are so many potential disastrous outcomes for our environment.
    It's so great that people are standing up to this. Would love to see this film. do you know if or when it will be aired or available?