03 October, 2011

Day 3 :: Making a list, checking it twice...

It’s Day three of my Buy Nothing New Month challenge and I have been thinking ahead to what items might be needed this month (other than food and hygiene essentials).  If I plan ahead, I’m less likely to be caught out having to buy something in hurry, thus increasing my chances of having to buy new.

Rather than a random wish-list of goodies, this list has been through a “do I really need it” thought process.   When I really had a god think about things, it turns out I don’t really “need” much at all.

What I may need to source this month:

- Summer sandals for both little girls. They have grown out of last summer’s shoes, and the weather is heading toward summer (although you wouldn’t think so the past couple of days, it’s been absolutely freezing).
- Swimmers for the little ones. Again, they’ve outgrown last season’s swimwear.
- Paint for the outdoor table and to paint shelves.
- I would also love (but don’t really need) to paint a chalkboard wall for the girls when we return to our house.
- Shelving for the house for when we return. We need it to stay more organised in the craft room, kitchen and laundry.

Where I may source these items:

- I will be looking through op-shops, 2nd-hand boutiques and garage sales for the girls’ shoes and swimmers (re-use). I may also buy second-hand online - check out those cute vintage saltwater sandals from Pure Vintage Clothing on Etsy. Cute!

- I will look at a second-hand building supply shop for shelving (re-use).

- Paint... I’m not sure what to do on this item. On the one hand I would like to find someone’s leftover paint, so it avoids being wasted (re-use). But on the other hand I would be prepared to pay for low VOC pain from a green paint supplier (healthier, eco-friendly) – except if I do that it will be buying something “new”...

** What would you do, if you were me, about the paint? I’m open to ideas. I guess the ideal situation would be to find a second-hand supply of low VOC paint. Perhaps contact a professional painter who may have leftover paint??



* Today is Day Three of my almighty Festival of Thrifty Blogging, folks. This October I have committed to Buy Nothing New Month and also to blogging daily (if I can) as part of Blogtoberfest organised by Cathy at Tinniegirl.  That’s a whole-lotta blogging about something I love: Thrifting. The pressure’s on to Blog, not Buy... will you spur me on?  


  1. Paint is a long term item. Do you want it to match existing walls? Will it annoy you for years if you get it wrong? Will you end rebuying if you get it wrong? Cherrie

  2. Saltwater sandals- I'd never heard of them before, but there sure are a number of blog posts recommending them. Buying second hand ones sounds like a great idea too.
    With painting- I'd at least ring a couple of painters and see if they have any first. The second hand building supply shop may have some too. or if there is a local tip shop.
    Good luck with the 'buy nothing new' month :).

  3. Maybe you could put off buying your paint 'til next month!

  4. You could make your own chalkboard paint from any colour acrylic paint.
    That would make it easier to happen across the paint. You might have to make friends with a tiler though, for the small amount of unsanded tile grout. Perhaps it could be like borrowing sugar from a neighbour.
    Here's a tutorial...

    Have you thought of bartering?
    Good luck with buy nothing new month. We're in too, but I haven't had a chance to write about it yet.
    Have a glorious week. I hope the sun has come out for you.

  5. I think Naturally carol has a good point, maybe put off buying your paint till next month, then you can get the eco paint.

    You could enquire whether they have discontinued paint colours at the eco paint stores and buy that if its enough to do what you want and if the colour is suitable. They could have only a few tins left of that particular paint and are happy to sell it at lower price. You could be doping them a favour by buying it.

  6. Ask your local freecycle group if anyone has any leftover paint.

  7. Good on you, I wish i could do this but I can't. I am hopeless.

  8. Cath! You are so NOT hopeless woman :) Stop it!! Besides I'm only 3 days into the challenge and I'm "this" close to breaking it... more on that to come.

  9. Check with some paint stores about mistints, they usually cant sell them if they are coloured wrong but you might just find what you are after.