02 October, 2011

Day 2 :: A Thrifty Guest :: Tricia from Little Eco Footprints

Day2,  Buy Nothing New Month.

As part of my month of thrifty blogging, I have invited some of my favourite "thrifty" bloggers into this space to share their tips on recycling, up-cycling, op-shopping and clever crafting. These women are writers, mothers, crafters and designers I look to daily for inspiration, and I'm appreciating them all-the-more right now to  keep me to my pledge of Buying Nothing New this month. 

Today, I welcome Tricia of Little Eco Footprints to The Byron Life with her clever idea of recycling old t-shirts into a fun pair of “wings” that any little kid would love.  Buy Nothing New Month has me planning all kinds of Spring-inspired re-use and recycling projects, and with my two busy little girls you can bet dress-ups are pretty popular around these parts. Sure, I've op-shopped dress-ups before, but these wings Tricia made... they are just so good I think we need to add a pair to our dress-up basket.

Tricia saved up a stash of op-shopped T-shirts for her project, using knitted fabrics that won’t fray too much when they are washed (and they will need to be washed, she said, as the wings are so popular they are worn daily!).  Since making this first set of wings for her little girl, Trica said:

“I've since made seven more pairs! We had a run of birthday parties and they became my standard gift. I've managed to get my 'making time' down to only an hour and a half.”

To make the wings, Tricia followed this tutorial from Prudentbaby.com

I know my little ones would love to wear these, wouldn't yours? I also think these wings would be suitable for little boys as well. After all, what kid doesn’t dream of flying?

Thank you for the thrifty inspiration Tricia. 


This photo is of Tricia's little one, but it reminds me so much of my own chicken-loving girls!  

* Today is Day Two of my almighty Festival of Thrifty Blogging, folks. This October I have committed to Buy Nothing New Month and also to blogging daily (if I can) as part of Blogtoberfest organised by Cathy at Tinniegirl.  That’s a whole-lotta blogging about something I love: Thrifting. The pressure’s on to Blog, not Buy... will you spur me on?


  1. Hi, I've made the buy nothing new pledge too...however as hard as I try I just can't blog everyday! All the best, and I look forward to checking in here to see how your month goes.

  2. I've seen those wings before, but love the recycled t-shirts idea - will try it now. And i haven't been here at your blog for a while, but once I started reading, didn't want to stop.Thanks for a lovely spot to visit again!

  3. Hi Amanda! I'm glad to hear you are buying nothing new this month too - I'll be visiting to see how you go. I reckon the daily blogging is going to be much harder for me than the no-buying :)

    Hi Anna!! Welcome back!!

  4. My daughter was one of the lucky wing recipients from Tricia. I love them so much the photo is in my blog header!

  5. That's one lucky little girl, Madeline.