06 May, 2010

My Creative Space :: Teepee Dreaming

With the cooler (and wetter) weather gradually descending upon us here in Byron Bay, I’m starting to plan ahead for more indoor activities for Melli – along with a very keen soon-to-be crawling baby... (um, I will have to write more on the subject of that “soon-to-be-crawling” baby of mine – she is turning into another speedy gonzales and I just know this girl is going to be trouble!)

So, I’d been thinking along the lines of indoor cubby houses, and now I’m thinking tepees. A home-made teepee. I’m pretty sure it was this lovely crafter who planted that seed.

Byron Bay and teepees. Yep. They slot together pretty well. There’s a strong Native American influence operating in this area, going right back to the Aquarius Festival (the Oz version of Woodstock) over three decades ago,  and there’s many a teepee still to be seen in this town, and in the hills beyond. I spent a few happy days (and nights) playing in proper big teepees in my wilder, younger, years up here too. They’re such fun spaces.

My “play” tepee-making project is in the early phases, my friends. Let’s call it the research and gathering materials stage, shall we? (Not the too-scared-to-start-sewing stage, nooooo.) So, in the name of research, here are a few tee-pee ideas inspiring me at the moment:
From Amsterdam, this Moozlehome teepee I found on Etsy. Dreamy and quaint...

It even has a little window with flower pot!

Another Etsy crafter: Little Birds Boutique. I love the colours and patchwork style of this one.

This is the picture that got me thinking about this tee-pee idea in the first place: Made by Cath at ChunkyChooky. Adorable. And I want that Peace on Earth wall-hanging too ;)

Beach teepee - yes! How gorgeous are these photos? I found these Angel At My Table teepees here.

Found on flickr: This smile and wave teepee: So simple.

And these last two are from a lovely blog I’ve only recently discovered: Childhood101. I reckon I could keep my two little ones creatively busy for the next three years just from the ideas from this one blog! If you have young ones, check it out.

Childood101 author Christie Burnett offers a PDF pattern for making her gorgeous Project Teepee, so I’ve gone and bought it and I’m going to give it a whirl. Christie assures me it’s easy enough - just straight-stitching – which made me giggle given how much the vintage Lemair of mine likes straight stitch! But, if ever there was a project that could handle an all-zig-zag approach, surely it’s a teepee?

My plan is to use recycled fabric – another excuse to hit the op-shops - and these vintage sheets could do the trick. I can just imagine the morning light streaming through that floral pattern...can you see it too?

Ok, wish me luck as I somewhat nervously tackle another biggish sewing project!


More creative spaces over at Kirsty’s blog.


  1. Good Luck, although I am sure you don't need it. With all that inspiration and your imagination it is bound to be beautiful...My littles have a bit of Native American indian in them. In fact their grandfather has an old teepee very similar to these waiting for them whenever we visit Kansas. After seeing all these I really want it haha...

  2. these are really cool & so trendy here in France !
    one of my friends who grandfather was cherokee builds real teepee :)
    good luck with yours, you have such a bunch of pretty inspiration here !

  3. Great Idea! I know your kids will love it! And I'm sure that you will find all sorts of surprises inside it, I'm thinking half chewed, stale sandwiches haha

  4. Oh a tee pee in that floral fabric would be gorgeous! Can't wait to see it!

  5. I am totally in love with that first tee pee, it is beautiful. I think I might have to make one too.

    Also love the idea of using it for the beach, brilliant!

  6. Oh what fun! I have seen quite a few tutorials on blogs of how to make them. So if you get stuck just start googling and I am sure we will be seeing a finished teepee really soon. :)

  7. Oh my goodness, that first one made me want to make a teepee for my kids! I might have to start my own research. For this I will curse you, I don't need anything else on my list! Have fun making it when you get the nerve to cut the fabric!

  8. It's going to be gorgeous. You'll do a great job Megan. Can't wait to see.

  9. It will look fantastic. The sheeting will be perfect for a teepee. Good luck :)

  10. My looks so shonky compared to the others!!! Good luck with yours and i can't wait to see it- they really are very simple! I promise!!

  11. Wow! I'm so inspired! I just love the look of all of those fabulous teepees!
    Sophie x

  12. Sounds brilliant, great inspiration pictures too. A creation the little ones will treasure I'm sure.

  13. Oh wow wow! Can't wait to see what you come up with. I'm now seriously tempted...if only we didn't have too many cubbies of all kinds in this house already...can you have too many do you think? ;)

  14. Wow! I'm loving the look of your project tee-pee! Such a gorgeous idea and it will be a much loved memory when the girls are older too... I still think of the cubby house my dad made for my sister and I when we were little :) Fantastic creative space. K